Can Porn Games Let You Test Your Fetishes?

Porn games are a great place to test your fetishes if you have no experience with them or have discovered a new part of your sexuality. There is something to be said for sex toys because they can make it easier to experiment, but you can also completely change your approach to playing in the bedroom if you have a porn game as an education tool (yes, I said “tool” unironically.) Check out these tips so that you can learn how to use porn games and get into a fetish before you have someone else do it to you.

How Should A Porn Game Be Structured?

A porn game should be structured in such a way that it can instantly give you the pleasure that you want. When you know what you are looking for, you can easily find a game you like. If you are not sure about your fetishes yet, you might need to do some more research before diving into a fetish game. Sex Games HQ has a ton of game reviews for you to check out if you want. You need the following things when you start playing a fetish game:

An established world where everything takes place. This is the only way that it is going to feel real. A static game with just one scenario will not be very convincing or teach you anything.

A game where you can chat with real people and learn more about your fetishes. You can talk without playing, and you might learn more than you ever would have by playing. (You might cry foul saying that you should just join a dating site, but dating sites make it much harder to make connections just because they are not fluid and do not put everyone in the same arena where they can chat freely.)

A game where you can do precisely what you want to do. Do not try to force your fetishes into a game that does not host them.

A game you play on your preferred device.

Once you have found the porn game that you want, you can start thinking through all the other things this game can do for you.

Which Fetishes Can You Test?

Anything. There is nothing that you cannot test in some game in some corner of the Internet. Some of the most common fetishes that people test with porn games include:

  • BDSM—dominant or submissive
  • Family play
  • Creature and monster play
  • Dd/lg play
  • Various roleplay scenes such as teacher/student

When you have thought of trying out these fetishes before, you can imagine how difficult it might be to get started on the ground floor of the fetish with someone you do not know. First of all, just playing with some random person is stupid and dangerous. You throw in the COVID-19 pandemic and concerns about personal health, and you will find that there is a major gap between “I wonder what that is like” and “I know I want this and have someone to do it with.”

You also need to see how it feels in general. For example, you might want to be dominant, but you have no idea what to say to your submissive. You can learn how to handle a submissive, or you might learn that you do not like the way it sounds or feels when you try to dominate someone.

You can get into something like DD/lg play by talking to someone who likes it, too. If you do not like the way it feels, you can move on. You can even experiment with things that are implausible but sound hot. You will learn quickly if you like family play or creature play. You might discover that you are actually submissive, and you can talk to a real person who likes, it, too.

At no point in this process have you put your health at risk, met a stranger, or done anything that would be considered crazy. It’s harmless fun that you can turn into something bigger as you get more accustomed to your fetishes.

Should You Try To Meet People On Porn Games?

Yes! What else are going to do? You can get into the scenarios in these games, but it can be even more exciting to find someone who thinks just like you. You can build a relationship where you play just for fun, or it might turn into something serious. Chatting in these games is much more fun than talking to a cam girl you have no chance with or watching a video which provides you with no interaction.

Even if you just make friends, you can play with these friends because you have the barrier of the Internet between you and them. And for God’s sake, do not give out anyone personal information or agree to meet them unless you first start by meeting in a public place and do so very discreetly.

Porn Games Help You Get Over Obsessions You Don’t Like

You might feel like something is going to be hot because you watched a video, but you might start playing the porn games and realize it is not all that exciting once you are in the middle of it. For example, you might have thought you were submissive until you met a dominatrix who put whip marks on your back and bruises on you. You can be scared in someone’s private home, or you can think, “eh this doesn’t do it for me” in a porn game.

Stop Stalling And Get Some New Porn Games

Stop stalling and get some new porn games right now. As you can see, they do a lot for you with very little investment on your part. You can learn about and test your fetishes, but you are not endangering yourself or trying something you do not understand. You can play in any scene that you want, or you can start playing porn games that suit your fetishes perfectly. Once you know what you want, you can meet real people and make smart choices. Think of porn games as your fetish clearinghouse.