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Misc: Misc:
VIDEOPOCHE:Sous-Marin(Submarine) Unknown: Peter Pan
Sinitron: Alien Invaders(table top) Unknown: Snow White
Atari: Touch Me Unknown: Pandamonium
Game & Calculator: Monster Unknown: Ghost Buster
Game Clock & Calculator: Monster shooting Unknown: Ghost Buster
Spica:D'ARTAGNAN (1) Spica:D'ARTAGNAN (2)
Spica:UFO Spica: UFO ( Go Home )
Shinsei: Alien Avenger Shinsei: Elec Game
unknown:pinball Taxtor 2000: Shogun
unknown:Formula Innoaron: Multisport
Altic: Cook&Dog MB: Simon
Altic: Submarine Game Fonas: 3 games in 1
unknown:FROGS(yellow) Gamatronic: Olympics Los Angeles
ITMC:Galaxie 2 Gamatronic: Monkey Kong (tabletop)
Bazin: Les Sauveteurs de L'espace Gamatronic: Tennis
Bazin: Football Electronic Game: Jet & Tank
Hales:Steeple Jack Hales: DRACULA (tabletop)(yellow)
MGA:StarWars(return of the Jedi) MGA:StarWars(the empire strikes back)
MGA:Giant Dinosaurs Poly: help
unknown: Dunk N' Sunk (led) Poly: pirate
unknown:thundering(blue) FH: 3D Submarine
unknown:unknown(blue) A1: Arrange Ball
Ramtek: Space Invaders/ Block buster unknown: monster Shooting(variation)
LSI Game:Soccer(blue) unknown: monster Shooting
LSI Game:Tank(green) unknown:super color screen(Tarzan)
LSI Game:Motor Cross(red) unknown:super color screen(Pirate)
Jupiter: Alien Attacker (watch) unknown:super color screen(Tarzan)(French ver)
Toyo Suisan: Hockey unknown:super color screen(Ape man)
2001 Galaxy series: Galaxy Game Kenner:Live Action Football
Bambino: Boxing Bazin:colorvision tabletop
Benders:Lady luck/Massacre/Evasion Unknown: Sea battle
Magic Arcade:Mad mad coaster unknown:Dinosaur Battle(gameboy clone)
Magic Arcade:Pizza Unknown; : Sniper
unknown: Tank Attack ProFormance: Football
unknown:UFO Invasion Telco: Bassmate Computer
unknown:Sub Attack Sports Computer: Bowling Calculator
Jupiter:Alien Unknown LSI: Crazy Kong
Pacific:Game&LCA LCD GAME: Hard ball
RJP:Invader card game Ramtex: SPACE INVADER
Gamatronic:BMX Racing Dick Smith: Invaders
Gamatronic:Game Computer2 Prinztronic: Galatic Invaders
unknown:lcdgame(blue/white) Lexibook: Jetfighter
Arax: Car Racing Texet: Crabman calculator
Arax: Lifeboat Toshiba: Blackjack calculator
Arax: Ballon Space Shuttle: Game Watch
Arax: Tennis Sharp: Wondertopia (WN-100) game calculator
Arax: Geisterjager Sharp: Wondertopia (WN-101)game calculator
Shinsei: Pomcard 5 Sharp: Wondertopia (WN-106)game calculator
Milton Bradely: Pocket Simon Sharp: Wondertopia (WN-104)game calculator ( prize award )
CompuChron: Space Raider game watch Castle Toys: NewPort 500
Sports Computer:Bowling calculator Castle Toys: Tactix
Sakitron: Tennis Aklaim: Ah Wolf
Sakitron: game cable connector Aklaim: Rambo
Sakitron: Sagball (not working) ActionGT: Black Belt
Wing Group: Space Shuttle Lincoln: Formula 1 Grand Prix (mechanical)
Ideal: MANIAC Lmisonic 2: Blackjack calculator
Unknown: Invader Unknown: Ninja
Parker Brothers: Dr. Smith Parker Brothers: Q*Bert
Konami: Bull's eye ( special ) Konami: DEFENDER
Red rooster: Charlie & the chocolate factory Unknown: tic tac toe ( green, 2P)
Spiel MIT: Soccer (Toni-schuss-tor.) Unknown: Robotcop(casio flip-up type)
Rickbery: Hunting Wild Ducks Unknown: Invader(casio flip-up type)(green )
Unknown: Tarzan Unknown: Invader(casio flip-up type)(beige)
Variety Fair: Electron Blaster Unknown: UFO(casio flip-up type)
Unknown: Lion Safari Unknown: Submarine Battle(casio flip-up type)
GCE:Space-N-Counter Unknown: Helicopter Battle(casio flip-up type)
GCE:Chase-N-Counter Duette:  basketball
GCE:Game time Onko: Super Space Jack
GCE:Arcade time Auto Arcade: UFO
unknown: e-man New system lsi game: Macross 2
Unknown: lcd racing car Lakeside: Perfection(tabletop)
Yeno: SPACE FIGHTER Yeno: SPACE FIGHTER (slim version with sickers)
Euro toy: Great escape Shinsei: Blaster games
Unknown: Ambulance Unknown: St-Yorre
Tsukuda: Dracula Tsukuda: Lovely Koala
Tsukuda: Star Wars Tsukuda: Pirates
Dick Smith: Puck & Monster Olympia: Soccer game calculator
Wizen: Soldier WIN: Gambler, lighter and game (black body)
Black Man: Baseball WIN: Gambler, lighter and game (gold body)
Clock Game: Shooting the Numbers Conic: Electronic IQ
Conior; Destroyer (no battery cover) China National Light Industrial Products: SFX Game ( Red)
China National Light Industrial Products: Dinosaur Game China National Light Industrial Products: SFX Game ( Black )
BTC: Submarine game BTC: Missile Attack Game
BTC: Combat game BTC: UFO Mission
Unknown: Defender Strike Pack-in-video: ghostbuster 2
Unknown(Lansay): Great Circus Unknown(Lansay): Busy Bee
Unknown(Lansay): Salmon Jump Unknwon: Hussard
Ecstoy: PAC 3 Walt Disney: Mickey Mouse Star Ship (electro-mechanical)
Electronic Space Invader unknown: Key chain game watch
Sears: Basketball unknown: mini pocket alarm game & watch
Sears: Auto Race ERS: Auto Race
Namco: Pac Land Ljn: Computer Impulse
Namco: Dragon Spirit ( new on card) Spectravideo: Treasure Hunt (game watch)
Unknown: Digi casse(submarine/pelican)(bandai clone) Unknown: Digi casse(pengiun/frogs&insects)(bandai clone)
Unknown: Punch-a-roo Unknown: Jumble ( game calculator)
Unknown: Follow Suit (game watch) Unknown Game Watch: Monkey
Invicta Games: Super Sonic Master Mind Unknown Game Watch: Wild Horse
Invicta Games: Master Mind Sanyo: Sound & game
Celent (Bandai alike): Ultra man Celent (Bandai alike): Ultra man (tin box)
Unknown: Racing car Calfax: Laser strike (no battery cover)
Icawai Co.Ltd: Ball Panic (Challenge 1) Unknown: Tennis (game watch)
Unknown: Micromania ( game watch ) Quasar: Space invaders (game watch)
Tommy: Soccer & Space War Tommy: Auto Race
Toytown: Mr Baseball (mechanical) Hanimex: Stock car
Remco: Bad Dudes mini arcade Remco: The Real Ghostbuster mini arcade
Remco: The Real Ghostbuster (carded ) Remco: The Karate Kid
Remco: Double Dare (yellow ) Remco: Double Dare ( red )
Pack-In-Video: Obocchamakun Tomodachinko Unknown: basketball (red)
Dynamic toys: Soccer ( box + inst only) Dynamic toys: Pinball
Dynamic toys: Hockey Namco: Ms Pacman
Action Mate Toys: Car Racing Go: Western Bar
Toytronic: Gotcha Toytronic: Spaceship Pinball
Toytronic: Encore Toytronic: Race Track
Kingsford: Mini Match me Lansay: Super Cobra 2
Imaginamics: Exec-u-play Bingo Imaginamics: Exec-u-play Problem Solver
Lotte:Doraemon (2P)(Not for sale ) Lotte:Doraemon neckstrap (Not for sale )
General: Radi-game (green ) Raid Off: bug attack (watch)(limited)
Unknown Dr. Dunk Intertoys: kraaienschieten
Galoob: Babble Russian tabetop Soccer