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Grip Leno /Toybox( all electro-mechanical)
Drive game(1)
Space Fighter(2)
Baseball game(3)(var.)
Baseball game(3)
Athelte (4 )
Derby game (5)
Joyful game(5)
Torpedo Attack (6)
Pulse Missile(7)
Hunter game(8)
Hunter game( European ver)
Mini Golf (9)
Space vader  (Special 1)
Drive Game (Special 2)
Missile Galaxy(Speical 3)
Mr Frog Mini  (Special 6)
Betech Vader(BG-1)
Betech Missile(BG-2)
Torpedo Attack game (GL 1)
Pulse Missile game (GL 2)
Derby game (GL 4)
Mini Golf game (GL 5)
Baseball game (GL 6)
Battle vader (sg 2)
Mr. Sheriff(sg 3)
FBI(sg 4)
Bestech Marine
Missile Chaser
Space Chaser(part 2)
Kampf Im Kosmos
Missile Galaxy ( English )