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Please help us to complete our collection. Here is a list of items that We are after.

1.  ALL game watches (especially CASIO, TOMY , ALBA..)
2.  All games not in our collection list (most likely we don't know if they exist)
3.  All boxes / instructions for the games we already have.
4.  All game calculators (especially CASIO, SHARP..)
5.  Loose or boxed games shown on the following table

Priority wanted!

Nintendo Donkey Kong Hockey Game & Watc Box WANTED! 

Romtec Cosmic Invaders Box WANTED! 


Nintendo donkey Kong 3 Game & Watch Box WANTED! 


Unknown: Defender Strikes ( Blue version only)   Game & Box WANTED!



Rosy Space King Game & Box WANTED!


Vtech Time &Fun Cop Chase Box WANTED!


Rosy Flying Knee Drop Box WANTED!


Sunwing Let's See Sunday Game & Box WANTED!


Inno Hit  BULL FIGHT Game & Box WANTED!


Mattel Masters of the Universe on blister card WANTED!

Mattel Missile Attack Game & Box WANTED! 

Q&Q mini red Game & Box WANTED!

Romtec Pucki & Monster  Box WANTED! 

Bandai Hyoukin Kyoushitsu Game & Box WANTED!


Bandai Prophecy Box WANTED! 

Bandai Sumou Box WANTED! 

Tiger Galaxx 3D Box WANTED! 


Tiger Ms Pac-Man Box WANTED! 

Casio Deep Jungle Box WANTED! 


Tomy Burning Game & Box WANTED!


Gakken King Arthurs Knight Box WANTED! 


Ludotronic: Pro Screen game & Box WANTED! 

Salmon Jump Game & Box WANTED! 


Tomy Burning Game & Box WANTED!


Tiger large sceen King Kong Game & Box WANTED!

Tiger Monster Maze Game & Box WANTED!

Tiger Star Casetle Game & Box WANTED!

Gakken Battle Front Game & Box WANTED!


Casio Crazy Bee Box WANTED!


Casio Sea Bear Box WANTED!


Casio Puppy Garden Game & Box WANTED!


Casio Great Savana  Box WANTED! 


Sakura Space Shuttle Game & Box WANTED!



Punch A Roo Game & Box WANTED!


Tiger game calculator Space Invader Game & Box WANTED!

Tomy Hungry Weiner Game & Box WANTED!


Ludotronic: Operation Z Box WANTED!


Actronics: Dig N Picman Box WANTED!


Actronics Mr. Digger Game & Box WANTED!

Actronics: Wanted G-Man Box WANTED!


Casio Mole Hunter Box WANTED!


Tomy Gold Rush  Box WANTED! 

Tronica 2 players Tick Tack Too Game & Box WANTED!

Bandai unknown Game & Box WANTED!


Game & Time:  Cat  game and Box WANTED!


Systema:  Pandamonium Panda Original packaging WANTED! 

Ludotronic: Tennis Box WANTED! 

Ludotronic: Asterix game & Box WANTED!


Gakken Tomy&Jerry Pinball Game & Box WANTED!


Tomy Goropikadon 2 Game & Box WANTED!


Tomy Goropikadon 3  Box WANTED!

Tomy Goropikadon 1 Game & Box WANTED!



Actronics (Hanzawa): Bandai CASIO Entex: Grip Lend ( all electro-mechanical) Inno-Hit:  Mattel:
Racingcar Turbo(Bazin??) HYOUKIN KYOUSHITSU (light green, lcd) Dragon's Egg(CG-122A) Adventurevision and carts KYORYU HUNTER Bull Fight Missile Attack
Dig N Picman Egg Panic(watch) 3D Escape/1000 Mazes BLUE SHARK
  Space Hero(watch) DRIVE TECHNIC
Winning Racer(watch) BLUE SHARK
Great Savanna (CG-100)  
Matsushima (POP game): Masudaya (or PLAY & TIME): Neotone(Gongoll): NINTENDO (Game & Watch) Q&Q: ROMTEC: Rosy:
Missile Spatiale Space Wars (LSI)  Frog Prince (tabletop) All TricOTronic games Fire Rescue Colorvision carts Space King
Coconut Ball(Gme&Time) Eagle N Chicken All carded games Frog Prince  
All pocketsize games    
All Videopoche games  
Sunwing Tiger TOMY: Vtech (Time&Fun): Misc:    
Castle's Adventure (vfd) Astro-Snik (Large screen) Monster Hero (handheld version) Hippo Teeth      
Fisher Jaw Breaker (tabletop)


Hungry Wiener Cops Chase (tri screen)    
Cat & Rat King Kong (large screen)   Sonic Invader    
  Star Castle (tabletop)    
Miner 2049er (Flip screen)    
De Zware Jongens (Large screen)    
Space invader/w calculator    


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Last updated: 12/18/12