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  Writing this homepage has given me the opportunity to refresh my sweet  childhood memories. I would like to share my experience and knowledge about these funny little babies with all people around the world (especially to the ones whom I have been buying, selling and trading with).


   This page is dedicated to my father...... He bought me different handheld games when I was little. I remember I had a Nintendo Game & Watch Parachute, Epoch Pacman and a Japanese made Electro-mechanical game "Space Invader". However, it turned out that the parachute game was not working after I dropped it on the floor (Luckily I had reached the highest score on Game A and B several times). Besides, the pacman game was lost and my space invader game was broken on the same day my father bought it for me. I still remember that it could not be returned or exchanged since the seller was so mean to us!!! Anyway, these are the golden memories in my handheld games history.

    What I collect??

    I collect stuff from 80's. I am mostly interested in electronic games and other related things like Japanese toys, Japanese animation or comic books, and stamps. I like games but I don't like the sports related ones. Although there are many different games made by Entex, Mattel or Coleco,  I don't  have many 'casue most of them are basketball, football, hockey and etc.

    When I started to collect??

    I started game collecting around 1999. It has been almost 4 years now. In the beginning of my collecting time, I spent my time looking for Atari 2600 game carts , systems and so on.  One year later, I got a Game & Watch Donky Kong  which  inspired me to become an electronic game collector.

    How I collect??

    I got all my games mostly from ebay, some are from Japan web sites and the others are from private deals. 

My final goal of this hobby is to get every handheld and tabletop games made in the 80's completed in box with original paperworks. (preferably in NEW condition, but not necessarily). I am only interested in the games from 1980 to 1985. Most of the games made after that era are not in the field of my interest (except Game & Watch).  I keep upgrading my collection items to be better or the best ones. So, don't be surprised if you find I have few extra copies of the same game!

Here is the order of  my strategy in game collecting ,

1. Get a loose game into my collection. It could be non-working, incomplete or ugly-looking.

2. Get a loose game in better , complete and working condition.

3. Get the game's box (it does not matter if there is no instruction or insert packing)

4. Get a better box and instruction (preferred with insert packings)

5. Get everything in 100% factory new condtion.

    Which game(s) I like most??

    My favorite games are Game & Watch series made by Nintendo, all handheld games made by CASIO, Q&Q lcd games, Tomy multi-color laser series games, Gakken lcd card games, and lots of other LCD type games. I like so much the lcd games made by unknown manufacturers.  I think most of them are lovely but they are ignored by most collectors. Handheld games are my first priority line to collect, tabletop games are second.


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